Parkhead Ridge is a town on the edge of Parkhead, one of the tallest mountains in Nova. It lays directly on top of Grotto, making it the perfect village for any spelunkers.


According to lore, Parkhead Ridge was founded as 7 people who were exiled from Luric wandered north in hope of finding a place ideal to live. What they found, however, was Parkhead. It was a giant mountain that pierced the clouds, and towered over all other mountains. Halfway up, there was a plateau filled with gralt, an edible plant. The 7 exiled ones scaled the mountains, and were greeted by the first food of their voyage. Later, they set up shelters, and it was soon populated by spelunkers interested in traveling through Grotto. As buildings were added, it soon became a town.


Parkhead Ridge is located in southwestern Vale, on Parkhead. It's about 620 meters high, and is shadowed by the other half of the mountain that rises to over 1250 meters tall.


During Reason, when it rains alot, thunderstorms often happen. The gralt lasts year round, except for in Year's-End. It snows very often in the latter half of the year, which usually blankets the plateau.