Isunaran is one of the largest cities of the region, and is widely known for it's high regards of the Nuranaian Sandbeast, and it's own local Hero of Legend Hinalan.


The city was founded by the Hero, Hinalan, and his domesticated Sandbeast, Tunarak. In legend, the tunnels the city is found in were dug with Tunarak, and Hinalan led the settlers into the city to found it. 'Isunaran' derives from 'Isunuran', which traditionally means 'Holy Ground', and is a play on words, for in the Nuranaian language, 'Ground' also can mean 'Tunnels'.  Since then, the city has flourished, and quickly developed mechanical means of expanding with Driutansk.


The culture of Isunaran is reclusive, and has many traditions which are hard to grasp at first. The people of Isunaran treat their ground as holy, so whenever walking in the city, they wear no shoes, and take care to be polite as possible. Any 'defamation' of the ground beneath them is seen as against their beliefs, so spitting on the ground, throwing trash on the ground, and digging into the ground are punishable with a fine. This has meant the expansion of the city must be up, or to the sides, never downwards. Thus, they have no basements. They only dig down for burial processions, digging down to make a grave. Digging down is seen as intruding upon the dead, and some say if you dig down, a curse will send you to go back down a week later.

Nuranaian Sandbeasts in CultureEdit

The Nuranaian Sandbeast is regarded in their culture as a sacred defender of the city, and 'defamation' or hunting of the animal is highly ill advised, for their strong feelings cause them to be crimes. Sandbeasts are widely domesticated, and used to build tunnels alongside the Driutansk. However, any churches, or ground being dug by more religious peoples, is only dug with Sandbeasts, for it is more natural, and also provides holy protection.


The legend of Hinalan is a famous legend in their culture, and is widely regarded as a tale that stood the test of time.